How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Rubbing Alcohol

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    Get rid of a skin tag?
    Hey everyone, I recently developed a little skin tag on my neck under my chin. I was hoping that it would go away eventually like it had in the past......but this one won't die!! It has become really aggrivating and I would love to get rid of it. Looking for the best "inexpensive" suggestion?

    • ANSWER:
      Use nail clippers and clip it off. You'll need to disinfect the clippers with rubbing alcohol first, though

    Skin tag removal at home?
    So I have 2 skin tags. One on my right armpit, one on my left.
    They are so embarrassing when I wear tank tops. I want them gone.

    Is there any way I can rid of them in 3 days or less?
    I can't go to the doctor, so I want a SAFE way to do it at home.

    • ANSWER:
      I have had a bunch of skin tags in my days. A lot of times they use that freeze burn off stuff but that takes up to a week for them to fall off and they get all irritated and stuff. The best way I have seen them do is they gave a little numbing in the area and took sterile scissors and just cut them off. They tend to bleed a little more then you would think so just keep pressure on it and be ready with a band aid. I dont know what you would use from home to numb it though is the only problem? You might just have to get brave.

      Here is what I would do though. Go to like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens. Buy those little sharp like cuticle scissors. If you can find some that look like sterilized medical ones, thats what you want. If you cant, then im sure a brand new pair in a package would be fine. Get some rubbing alcohol and cotton. Wipe the scissors with it first. Then wipe the skin tag area clean with the alcohol. Cut it off (OUCH!). Apply pressure and then a band aid. You need to pull it tight with one hand, whether its your finger or tweasers or something while you cut it with the scissors in your other hand. Its not going to be fun, but like a band aid, fast is better. They will scab though but the scabs are actually really small compared to the size of the skin tag itself.

      Ask a pharmacist if there is anything you can use from the store to numb your skin. It will hurt pretty bad im thinking. I have always had mine numbed, lol. Then again, maybe it wont hurt that bad. Let me know :)

      Good luck!

    Skin Tag Removal....?
    I have a skin tag on my back that has grown in the past year. It is right where the bottom of my bra is. It's about the size of a pea. 3 days or so ago we tied a piece of string around it, trying to remove it. It feels looser to me when I touch it, and it has lost a considerable amount of feeling. I can pinch it hard without feeling anything. The part where it is connected still has feeling in it though. Just curious when I should be rid of it. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Eventually it just falls off if you keep string tied to it. If it's really loose you can try cutting it off, but it will bleed. However cutting it off can work, just be sure to rub alcohol on it to disinfect the area.

    Various Skin Help Needed!?
    Please give me solutions to the following problems. Any answers that involve buying something are unneeded. Please keep in mind I have mild sensitive skin.

    1. Solutions to pimples (mainly on the nose)?

    2. Need a non-surgical way to get rid of/prevent moles from appearing (especially on my face)?

    3. A way to get rid of oil on my face (espicially the nose)?


    4. How can I make my hair thicker?

    5. Is there an easy way to get rid of dandruff (avoid anything that could make me lose hair or damage my skalp)?

    • ANSWER:
      It appears that you have oily skin based on pimples on the nose and oil on the face. I would try this recipe to deep cleanse the pores:
      Herbal Face Steam cleaning (deep pore cleanser)
      1 qt. water
      1 handful any herbs*
      Juice and peel of 1/2 lemon

      Bring water to a boil. Add juice and peel of lemon and herbs. Turn off the heat and take the pot to a table. Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel and drape another towel over your head and the pot, holding your face about 10 inches above the water. Keep your eyes closed and let the steam do its magic cleansing for about 15 minutes.
      Afterward, rinse with COLD water to close the pores.
      * Use any herbs you have available: rosemary, thyme, mint, marjoram, basil, parsley, cloves, caraway, anise or fennel seeds, chamomile, lavender or elder flowers.

      Afterwards, rinse your face with a toner and moisturize. For a toner I would recommend this recipe:

      Citrus Astringent
      3 teaspoons Lemon extract
      Juice of one lime
      1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

      Combine ingredients in a small bowl.
      Transfer to a jar and shake well.
      Store in the refrigerator, will keep up to 6 months.
      Tightens pores, refreshes skin, and helps remove oils from skin. This is for very oil skin and you may just want to use it around the nose.

      For more wonderful skin care recipes visit

      In addition you can information on removing skin tags, warts and moles just click on the skintags then scroll to the bottom of that page.

      A natural recipe to rid impurities from your hair and stimulate the scalp is:
      Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo
      3/4 cup distilled water
      1/4 cup shampoo concentrate (or substitute with 1/2 cup unscented shampoo and increase salt to 1 teaspoon)
      1/2 teaspoon table salt
      2 teaspoons Jojoba oil
      1/8 teaspoon Peppermint oil
      1 drop red food coloring (optional)

      Warm the water and pour into a ceramic bowl.
      Add the shampoo concentrate and stir with a wire whisk until well blended.
      Add the remaining ingredients and stir until well blended. Pour into a bottle and close.
      This is a tingly treat for the scalp for all types of hair. It stimulates the scalp without drying.
      Makes 8-1/2 ounces.

      Good luck, Carol
      To remove moles, warts and skin tags visit

    Stop the ferret from eating my feet?
    I recently bought a ferret ( after almost 2 years of resach.) he is only about 7 months I bought him from a pet store 1 month ago he is always out playing and never bites anything other then feet. It dose not matter who's but he really likes to bite your feet untill he gets the sock off and then he hides it. I have tryed scruffing the neck but no luck I would never smack him on the nose so don't even suggest it! I don't no what to do any more he just barly drew blood this time but i don't want to get rid of him. Oh and his name is bandit if you could help me and bandit out it would be much apprecheated

    • ANSWER:
      DO NOT buy that bitter apple. I read the ingredients and did the math. The bitter principal is the same thing as rubbing alcohol. If you're going to use a bitter spray get Marshall's Off spray. It uses the same ingredient they use in antifreeze to deter kids and pets from drinking it and its used in other things to make them taste awful. Its safer than bitter apple. Lemon Juice works well too. Its natural and won't kill them.

      Its a sock thing. My girls are like that. They'll bite your feet all the time with socks, without them they'll leave you alone.

      You honestly just have to keep scruffing him and saying no, and realizing its a ferret thing. Its very sad you say you'd hate to get rid of him. Well I hate to say it, its hard to believe you did 2 years of research and didn't know ferrets like feet/socks. Stop wearing socks around him. Those sprays don't always work. I tried them with my girls and they went right through them. They're very determined little pets. He's only a few months old from what you say and he's a baby. It took 3 months to train our one girl, to treat them no to nip at our toes. But she eventually learned. They all do, but you have to accept sometimes ferrets will always have little quirks that make them unique including nipping when playing.

      This is why so many end up in shelters. People always think the first thing is "get rid of it" if it doesn't learn.

      First of all sit on the floor later with your ferret. Scruff him and then GENTLY drag him across the floor. Thats how other ferrets assert their dominance over one another and he should learn you're the dominant one. It works when our girls get a bit too crazy. Second when he grabs your sock NEVER rip him off. You could end up pulling out a tooth of his, or hurting his mouth. Scruff him, and say NO loudly. He'll eventually let go. Then when he nips you or gets your skin even your fingers when playing if he gets too rough, Tell him NO scruff him and blow in his face. Its not cruel in any way and ferrets don't like it. You can also try hissing at him. It sounds stupid but they do it to each other. Our one girl will hiss at anyone that won't leave her alone when she doesn't want to play. We've done the hiss a few times and they listen.

      Get him toys too. Get him bells that are 1 and a half inches or bigger, or paper towel tubes (watch for chewing) stuffed squeaky toys (No eyes, or chewable pieces or plastic stuff...cut off tags and watch for wear and tear) old boxes (like pop boxes)....blankets, old clothes with nothing he could chew off and swallow...pillow cases. Give him an outlet for his energy. Work on positive reinforcement (give him a treat when he's good..does good things)

      You have to work with a ferret and be patient. Our oldest girl is a marshalls, and she was a rescue. We got her covered in feces from someone on CL. She wasn't the ferret in the picture, and we couldn't leave her. She was under a pound (starved) and obviously hit (she would flinch when picking her up, playing with her). She couldn't play with toys and she BIT HARD. It took over a year of working with her to get her to a point that when she bites hard she knows to let go. She now will give me a kiss if I put her up to my lips, and comes to the cage when she hears me. She didn't like me at first, now she's my baby. You have to work with them, and love them no matter their flaws.

      If more people would love their pet no matter their flaws, then less would end up homeless or abandon

      Good luck and remember DONT USE THOSE STUPID BITING SPRAYS

how to get rid of skin tags rubbing alcohol

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