Removing Skin Tags At Home With Dental Floss

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    Skin tag removal at home?
    I have researched for many months and asked many people about what are home remedies to remove a skin tag. I have a rather large one on my back and I had someone tie it very tight with dental floss. Over the past day it has become swollen and changed colors from purple to blue to pink/red and back to slowly turning purple again. How ever, today I noticed a water blister come up on the top of it. I have been wearing a tight shirt over it to keep it still from moving. Could the water blister have come up from construction from my shirt?

    • ANSWER:

    how do i get rid of a sentinel (anal) skin tag, without seeing the doc! anyone know any home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends how big the stalk is(feeds the skin tag.). If its small, you can either just cut if off and apply pressure if it bleeds a little-or you can apply wart medicine to it and it will likely remove it as a wart. If the stalk is bigger in diameter than say a spaghetti noodle- i'd recommend you see a doc- you could cut something off that you would have trouble stopping the bleeding. I don't recommend you try and strangle it(like with dental floss- that can be painful and doesn't always work. These things can also grow back- so really if I were you- i'd suck it up and have it professionally removed.

    Skin tags home remedies?
    i have a skin tag on my arm pit i hate it,its very annoying and you have to be carefull shaving around it...i just want it gone painless witch might not be so painless though whats some home remedies that will remove my skin tag i dont want to go out and purches items because its so expensive and i have tried these certain kind of band aids that you leave on and when you take it of it should be gone and the band aid kept cutting into my skin and making me bleed so i discontiuned the use of them i also tried this liquide stuff you put on there and its suppose to make it fall of...that didnt work either and i paid so much for these items (what a waste) i DO NOT want to go to the doctors so please please dont surgest that i just want home remedies thanks loves xox

    • ANSWER:
      You'll need help with this. Pull it away from the skin with a pair of tweezers and tightly tie dental floss around the base. Within 2-3 days it will fall off on its own for lack of blood.

    ****SKIN TAG EMERGENCY!!!!!****?
    This is a little gross so don't read if you're not interested in helping me out. About two years ago, I realized a little skin tag was growing on my leg close to me pelvic area. Little by little it started growing and changing colour. I used to go to the tanning booth a lot, so i though it could have been some type of skin cancer but when I went to the doctors office, he said it was just a normal skin tag; little bit bigger than average though. I think skin tags are the most disgusting things so I asked if I could get it removed and he offered to do it for dollars or I could do it at home for free. So he showed me the DIY version with dental floss, and now I currently have dental floss around it. In case you don't know what that is, it's basically when you tie some dental floss around it really tightly so it eventually loses circulation and falls off-painless. Three weeks went by and nothing happened so about 4 days ago I tied some more and it seemed to be more effective. This time the tag got HUGE and red and plump and looked really bad like it was going to explode, but it didn't hurt. Now it's currently BLACK and it looks like if I touch it, it'll burst. It hurts like a bitch too. If I sit down, it hurts. If I stand too quickly, it hurts. When I lay down I can't move too much. I hurts! It went form a red to a purple to blueish and now it's completely black. I tried taking out the dental floss, trust me, but it's just to tight in there. If I even touch anywhere around it, it hurts soooo bad. I put some oragel (I think that's how you spell it) and the pain won't change a bit. I can't even drive to the hospital I need help now it's going to burst. Besides, I'm not insured so every hospital trip costs me A LOT of money which I don't have right now. I just need to know if this is normal. Has this happened to you? Is it going to fall off? Will it explode? How can I make the pain go away? I can't bear the pain anymore please help, thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      If it's gone black it's necrosing (dying). The pain is from the bit of you just underneath the dead tag... give it another couple of days it'll drop off. If it doesn't, try tying another fibre of dental floss even more tightly round the tag.

      Stick a dressing over it to stop it dragging, it helps reduce the pain, some of which is the dead bit tearing off fro your living body.

      Personal experience, I've dealt with a dozen or so on me. Probably none as big as yours from what you are saying.

removing skin tags at home with dental floss

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