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Liquid Nitrogen Mole Removal Healing Time

Frequently Asked Questions

    Want my bellybutton pierced but have a mole there..?
    I am 15 and have had a mole on my bellybutton since i was very young. I really want my bellybutton pierced but the mole is right in the place were the needle would have to go. I know you can't pierce through a mole because it will bleed and apparently it can give you cancer (but i don't know about that). It also goes pretty deep. I have been looking at removal methods on the internet and have narrowed it down to having it frozen off with liquid nitrogen and having it surgically removed. Will i be able to have it pierced after the mole has been removed or is it to risky? Need some advice. Thanx x :-)

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, my mother (when she was about 18) was in the same situation, and she went to the doctor, and they examined it and determined whether or not the mole was cancerous. Once she found out the mole wasn't cancerous, she mentioned to the doctor if she could have it removed to get a belly piercing, and he treated her, sent her off for surgery, and as soon as she healed up from surgery, she was given the all clear for a piercing!

      To you, I recommend asking the doctor, as they know best- so don't try any method or anything at home without trying seeing a doctor or a professional about it.

    Got a freckle? on my nose recently, how can i get rid?
    Hey there

    I went to a festival and I noticed my skin was a little red, I presume sunburn but its all fine now. I have noticed over the past few days that I now have a dark brown freckle? (or is it a mole) on my nose, a bit towards under my eye.

    Is there any home remedies?



    • ANSWER:
      Step 1

      Apply bleaching cream to your freckles. The cream slowly fades the freckles by inhibiting melanin. Follow the application instructions.
      Step 2

      See a dermatologist for chemical peels treatment. These peels get rid of freckles by peeling away the skin. Allow several days for skin healing.
      Step 3

      Get rid of your freckles through laser treatment. This long lasting technique performed by a dermatologist gives good results, but allow a couple of weeks for your skin to heal.
      Step 4

      Freeze your freckles with liquid nitrogen applications. The nitrogen blisters the skin then raises the freckle for removal.
      Step 5

      Ask a dermatologist for a cream prescription containing retinoids for treatment.
      Home Remedies
      Step 1

      Consider cosmetic cover-ups available at any cosmetic store. The makeup washes away so the freckles remain after use, but when applied to the skin the freckles disappear.
      Step 2

      Make a nightly face wash with sour milk. Your skin peels from the lactic acid.
      Step 3

      Rub lemon juice into the freckled area twice each day allowing it to set 10 to 15 minutes until the freckles fade. Wash your face before getting out in the sun.

    how do i get rid of age spots?
    im 35 and starting to develope some darkinging of the skin on my face ubove my lips,.does anyone know how to fade this ,,,please help ,,,thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The problem of removing age spots is not as difficult as the removal of moles and birth marks because age spots, or liver spots, develop much nearer to the surface of the skin. The melanin pigment that gives moles and many birthmarks their brown color is produced in the deep layers of the skin, just as the ink for a tattoo is introduced into the deep layers where skin cells are not regularly shed and replaced in the natural process of skin healing and regeneration.

      To understand how to get rid of age spots, it helps to know that, although the color is still being produced by melanin production, the cells producing the melanin lie closer to the surface and can often be literally peeled away and replaced by healthy skin cells from below. This is why using acid peels or liquid nitrogen for removing age spots, treatments that remove the top layer of skin, are relatively successful. Even with these treatments, however, the continuing appearance of liver spots may be an ongoing problem because these areas of dark pigment are the result of overexposure to the sun.

      Other commercial products that are commonly used for removing age spots contain bleaching agents - chemicals that react to the melanin to remove the brown color. Creams containing hydroquinone are bleaching creams; hydroquinone has been used for this purpose for many years, though some researchers question the safety of using this chemical over the long term. Because of these doubts, and because of the harshness of liquid nitrogen or acid treatment, many people look to natural remedies for the answer to how to get rid of age spots.

      The most promising of the current natural treatments use antioxidant vitamins as agents for removing age spots. As a group, Vitamins A, C, D, E and the minerals selenium and zinc, taken as supplements and applied topically to the skin, are recommended for good skin health. Of these, Vitamins A and C seem to be the stars for evening out skin tone. Applied as a daily topical cream, these vitamins appear to gradually fade areas of darker skin tone over time. The research on this is relatively recent, and the way it works is still not fully understood but it looks promising as a natural remedy for how to get rid of age spots.

      More traditional means of removing age spots have mostly used acidic fruit juices applied as daily washes, or applied by laying pieces of fresh fruit on the affected skin. While most explanations describe how to get rid of age spots by removing the top layer of skin with acidic fruit (like the acid washes discussed above), it's tempting to suggest that the typically high Vitamin C content of acid fruits might play a role in the success of these traditional treatments.

      Regardless of which treatment you choose for removing age spots, use care and good judgment: if you experience redness or other irritation discontinue the treatment; if the spot you are treating looks unusual or appears to grow, see a medical doctor immediately; as always, protect your skin from the sun, the source of most skin damage as we age.

    Which method for mole removal?
    I have a mole (smaller than a pencil eraser) under my right eye. There is different ways to get a mole removed such as liquid nitrogen, cutting it out etc etc. I want a method that makes the mole go away forever, it heals quickly (before school starts), does not cost alot, and is very little pain. I'm only 14 years old. If I do want to get my mole removed what method should I use and where do I go to get it removed. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Your dermatologist will most likely suggest freezing as opposed to burning it off. Freezing should be cleared up in 3-4 weeks.

    Carrying on from the other mole question: Urgent please help regarding mole removal?
    I've asked a question similar before but, I have a mole right on the crease above my lip and underneath my nose.
    Its unsightly but not terrible. Its about medium sized.
    I absolutely hate it and I am very self concious when it comes to my looks. I've spent nearly 500 on makeups that claim they work when in actual fact they dont. I have requested refunds but they have all said no. :(
    I desperately want it removing, if possible laser surgery because it is supposed to have less scarring.
    I'd prefer to have a scar than a mole, but different people keep telling me there oppinion, some say, yeah its fine you may get a tiny scar but after a while it will heal, like mine, and so on, and so many people say there mole removal has been successful, but some people say they have ended up worse off, and that they have developed keloid scarring, its gone infected and horrible and i'm stuck on what to do.
    I am pretty desperate because i get very down because of it.
    What should I do? HELP! xxxx

    • ANSWER:
      Have you been to the GP about it or spoken to anyone else? Some GP surgeries offer wart and mole removal using liquid nitrogen (freezing). It can take a few treatments and there can be a bit of pain and swelling but eventually the mole falls off. I had a large mole on my chin which was removed this way in 3 treatments. I have a white mark where the mole was but not a scar as such, and it's much better than having a mole.

      I don't know anything about laser treatment, but if you do a search for a SK:N clinic in your area, they offer laser treatment for moles. Their site says it costs at least 299 though :(

    My freckle removed... but not entirely?
    today i got my freckles next to my lips [sorda like the marilyn monroe one] removed because when i shave i cut it... but i took the little bandade off and realized the borders of it are still there! should i call her or what?!

    • ANSWER:
      You just had it done today? You probably should have left the Band-Aid alone. Sometimes these mole removals do leave a bit behind, sometimes there is a bit of swelling afterward, and sometimes you have to have it done more than once. You didn't mention how they removed it; was it frozen off (using liquid nitrogen), or was it cut off? That can make a difference in how it heals, too.

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